RAYS Delivers Extra-Large Slab Gate Valves Globally

RAYS has recently completed the delivery of a batch of extra-large slab gate valves to overseas clients. These advanced valves feature a parallel single gate and floating seat design, enabling bidirectional operation and ensuring reliable sealing, flexible operation, and ease of use in opening and closing.

The gate valves support nominal diameters up to DN1200 and are equipped with specially designed flow holes to optimize fluid dynamics. When fully opened, the alignment of the pipeline with the gate’s flow holes mimics a straight pipe, minimizing flow resistance. This innovative design significantly reduces overall pressure loss, decreases energy consumption, and enhances system efficiency and performance.

Key features of the slab gate valves include a precision-closing mechanism, where the gate moves vertically through a precise guide system, drastically reducing friction and wear during operation. The sealing surfaces of the seats offer options between dual soft seals or a combination of soft and hard seals, providing a dual-seal effect on each seat surface. The floating seat design allows the inlet side seat to move toward the gate under medium pressure when the valve is closed, creating a substantial sealing pressure ratio and establishing the primary seal. Simultaneously, the gate presses against the outlet side seat to form a robust double seal.

The valve’s stem uses composite packing for enhanced sealing, ensuring reliability and minimal friction. The innovative double-seal structure also facilitates the replacement of wearable parts without impacting pipeline operation, distinguishing RAYS’ products from similar offerings both domestically and internationally.

This latest delivery underscores RAYS’ commitment to providing high-quality, efficient, and reliable valve solutions to meet the demanding requirements of global clients.

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