Reliance Industries selects E-Gas™ technology

Reliance Industries Limited announced that it has selected Phillips 66’s E-Gas™ Technology for its planned gasification plants at Jamnagar.

Reliance’s Jamnagar site is the largest refining complex in the world, with an aggregate refining capacity of 1.3 million bpd. The planned gasification plants at Jamnagar will be among the largest in the world and will process petroleum coke and coal into synthesis gas utilizing the E-Gas™ Technology. The synthesis gas will be used as feedstock for a new chemical complex and will fuel the refinery’s existing gas turbine power generation units.
“We look forward to this opportunity to work with Reliance on the largest gasification project in the world,” said Rex Bennett, President, Specialties and Business Development at Phillips 66. “Our EGas ™ Technology will be used to turn petcoke and coal into clean, reliable energy for Reliance’s refinery and petrochemical plant operations.”

Phillips 66 will license its E-Gas™ Technology to Reliance and provide process engineering design and technical support relating to the gasification technology process area.
The E-Gas™ Technology has been utilized in commercial applications since 1987. It incorporates a unique gasification system design that can be applied with gas and steam turbine combined-cycle power generation to produce electric power, as well as synthesis gas applications for the production of hydrogen, chemicals or substitute natural gas in highly flexible combinations. It is among the cleanest and most efficient commercial technologies for coal or petroleum coke-based electric power generation and syngas production.

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