Renewed SIL certificates available on Dezurik

Renewed SIL certificates four DeZURIK knife Gate Valves are on the About Us/Approvals and Certifications page of DeZURIK’s web site. Four knife gate valve product lines originally earned Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Certification per the requirements of the IEC 61508:2010 standard in 2015. The IEC 61508 international standard on Functional Safety assures that the safety-related system provides the necessary risk reduction required to achieve safety for the equipment. 
DeZURIK’s KGC Knife Gate Valves, KSV Severe Service Knife Gate Valves, and KUL Urethane Knife Gate Valves have been certified as SIL 3 capable; KSV Double Block & Bleed Valves have been certified as SIL 2 capable. The SIL certification means that these valve styles are suitable for use in critical applications up to the SIL rating. The SIL rating reflects the level of risk reduction the device can provide when used as part of a safety instrumented system.
The third-party assessment and certification by exida verifies that the product and safety manual, as well as the processes that are used for development, testing, configuration management, and quality control comply with the 250+ requirements of the IEC 61508 international standard.
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