Retrofit scheme success with advanced actuators

For the comprehensive retrofit requirements of the gas-fired plant section of the Klingenberg power plant in Berlin, modern AUMA actuators were installed to replace the existing actuation technology. Actuators with uniform interfaces were specified by the plant operator, Vattenfall. This prerequisite was met by the latest generation of modular SA multi-turn actuators; any size or variant of these actuators can be combined with standard advanced AC actuators controls, thus ensuring that processes for commissioning, operation and integration into the DCS are virtually identical for all actuators within the plant.

During the first project phase in summer 2015, installation and commissioning was handed over to AUMA service engineers. More than 60 different brand actuators were replaced in several sections of the plant. Detailed on-site analysis was instrumental in contributing to a successful and timely retrofit. Prior to installation, AUMA service experts analysed and evaluated every actuator to assess the required parameters and mechanical interfaces. Mounting the new actuators on available valves called for implementation of tailored adapters and, with AUMA’s expertise, these interfaces were manufactured and installed. AUMA’s scope of delivery also included high-precision modulating actuators and actuators equipped with special motors.

As one of Berlin’s first power plants, Klingenberg has supplied power to the capital since 1927 and heat since 1970. During the last few decades, several modernisation schemes have been undertaken and Klingenberg was converted into a combined heat and power generation plant. Today, the plant’s electrical power output equates to 188 MW and thermal power supply to 590 MW. As a result, the plant is one of the major contributors to district heating in the Eastern part of Berlin.

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