Richter’s PFA lined Tank bottom valve system

Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH has introduced a newly designed Tank bottom valve system. The first to market ball-valve technology based PFA lined foot valve is complete with the NKS-T lined butterfly valve and a new to market PFA lined 3” BSP outlet flange.

Richter’s ball-valve technology eliminates the possibility of damaging the internal coating with opening and closing of the valve. The TE/F valve is equipped with up to 7 times thicker PFA coating, a material which delivers better performance on typical chemical resistance.

The TE/F valve features Richter’s Labyrinth seal and ENVIPACK technology, which adds to the total concept of a robust design. The NKS-T Butterfly valve which is based on the successful NKS series of butterfly valves was developed to fit perfectly with the TE/F tank bottom valve. To complete the offering a new-to-market PFA lined 3” BSP flange with end cap was developed to assure total integrity of the system.

Richter’s TE/F Tank bottom valve and NKS-T Butterfly valve are well-suited for lined tank containers transporting corrosive or high purity media.

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