ROSS Controls’ HBH series valve systems

ROSS Controls® has introduced a new Hydraulic Block & Hold valve systems designed for external monitoring, up to Category-4, PLe for safety applications.

The ROSS Hydraulic Block & Hold Series feature a manifold base mounted design available in two body sizes: D25 and D32, port sizes 1-1/2 and 2, Code 62 Flange. These valve systems feature a relief valve on the inlet, and position sensors for external monitoring. The HBH Series valve system is enhanced with a tamper-resistant design that prevents unauthorised personnel from altering the valve.

The HBH Series valves are redundant blocking valve systems designed for critical applications where safe load holding is required for hydraulically controlled cylinders. The safety function of the Hydraulic Block & Hold Series valve system is to stop cylinder motion and hold the cylinder in position in the event of loss of supply pressure and/or electrical power.

The ROSS® HBH Series safety system is a redundant 3/2 normally closed function valve system, spool type design, solenoid pilot operated. This new system is designed for external monitoring for safe redundant operation, and is equipped with position sensors for external monitoring by an electrical safety control system.

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