Rotork Schischek actuators protect shipboard generators

Rotork Schischek HVAC electric actuators have been specified for critical fire damper operating duties on a fleet of cruise liners based in the USA.

Schischek InMax 50The specialised Fire and Gas Dampers manufactured by Wozair (USA) Ltd. protect redundant power generation plants installed on the liners to ensure that vital facilities including catering, air conditioning and sanitation can be maintained in the event of a failure to the main power generators.

The Schischek InMax 50-BF-CTM actuators selected for this application are equipped with temperature activated safety triggers which automatically move the dampers to their safe position when a preset temperature is reached. This innovative and reliable solution is widely specified for fire damper applications. The actuators are one of a range of electrical products designed by Schischek for explosionproof and non-explosionproof HVAC applications in the worldwide industrial, offshore and marine industries.

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