Rotork supplies Far East gas line

Rotork heavy-duty fluid power valve actuators are being supplied for the PGN Sumatra– Singapore natural gas pipeline. The 477km pipeline will run from Grissik in South Sumatra, Indonesia, to Singapore’s Sakra Island, supplying Singapore with natural gas for generating electricity over the next 20 years. Rotork is supplying gas and gas-over-oil actuators through its regional Fluid System centre of excellence situated in Singapore. The actuators are manufactured at Rotork’s dedicated Fluid System factory in Italy and shipped to Singapore for fitting to ball valves manufactured by Audco, Cooper Cameron and PBVS, and packaging with control and ancillary equipment to meet specific application demands. Rotork gas-operated actuators will open and close valves in sizes up to 900mm for the operation of receiving and despatching services at gas station sites. Additional Rotork gas operated actuators will be used for Emergency Shutdown (ESD) operation on the gas stations’ pipelines. The Rotork gas-over-oil actuators will be used on metering skids within the gas stations and for the despatching of gas to domestic industrial pipeline distribution networks.

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