Safety in cryotechnology with Goetze

Goetze KG Armaturen ensures safety at very low temperatures with its safety valves and fittings for cryotechnology.

Cryogenics refers to the use of very low temperatures in various applications to change the properties of materials, to control chemical and physical processes, or to liquefy gases. By liquefying gases, their volume is reduced and they can be transported more easily. In cryogenic engineering, atmospheric gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide as well as some noble gases are liquefied by the release of previously compressed air and become separated due to their different boiling temperatures so they can be used later in various sectors.

Wherever cryogenic liquefied gases are in use or are produced, Goetze’s products can be used: whether as a cryo safety valve, or a ball diverter valve, maximum safety is ensured. The quality of these cryogenic safety valves has been confirmed by their approval in accordance with pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU, DIN EN ISO 4126-1, and the specific DIN EN 13648-1, for use with gases, vapours, and liquids. This means that a low-temperature safety valve is available for the first time, and suited for mixed phases.

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