Schubert and Salzer’s Control Systems GS4 series

Schubert & Salzer’s Control Systems GS4 series of sliding gate-control valves are compact, and ultra-precise. These valves control liquid, vaporous and gaseous media in a precise, fast and economic manner. All sliding gate valves are equipped with two slotted discs sliding and sealing against each other. The fixed disc, which is secured in the housing perpendicular to the direction of flow has a certain number of transverse slots. The second non-rotating disc with the same slotted arrangement is moved vertically against the first, thus changing the flow cross-section. The applied pressure difference forces the moving disc against the fixed disc. Consequently, the sliding gate valve seals without the need for a metal seat.

The new GS4 sliding gate valve range is specifically optimised for higher pressures. Depending on the size, the GS4 range is available in nominal pressures of PN 160 (ANSI 900) up to a size of DN 80, and PN 100 (ANSI 600) up to a nominal size of DN 150.The operating temperature range amounts to between – 200 °C and + 530 °C.

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