Schubert & Salzer Group celebrates 140th anniversary

Two young locksmiths rent out a backyard workshop and begin with the production of hosiery knitting machines. Their legacy the Schubert & Salzer Group known among other things for high-tech control and stop valves, is celebrating its 140th anniversary.

Ingolstadt. Carl Schubert and Bruno Salzer were just 20 years old when they founded their own company and began with the manufacture of textile machines. Within a short time, their products enjoyed a fabulous reputation, as a result of which the machine manufacturers’ product range grew just as quickly as the company itself. Soon, cash registers, bicycles, and valves were also being manufactured.

Today the Schubert & Salzer Group employs around 350 people worldwide. The anniversary is also a reason to give the subject of climate protection an even more important role in the company. “We are very much aware of our responsibility towards society and a changing world”, explains Dr. Arnold Kawlath, President of the Schubert & Salzer Group of Companies. In the past, he said, the company has been committed to a responsible approach to nature in many ways and has also contributed to the preservation of the environment through its own products.

The sliding gate valve, for example, is highly precise, despite which it is much more compact and lighter than comparable valves. It requires only about one-tenth of the actuating force and thus enables considerable energy savings for the customer. On its 140th anniversary, Schubert & Salzer now wants to go one step further and systematically measure and continuously reduce its CO2 emissions.

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