Score Group acquires Kampen Valve Care

Score Group has acquired Kampen Valve Care B.V, in the Netherlands.

Kampen Valve Care B.V, incorporated in 1976, has been providing valve maintenance and repair services to the Dutch market for over 45 years and has built an excellent reputation working with major operators.

For the past 2 years, Score Group has been collaborating closely with Kampen Valve Care supplying specialist labour and services to the Dutch market. This partnership has yielded positive results for both companies, receiving excellent feedback from customers.

The acquisition of Kampen will provide Score with a platform to further develop within the Dutch and wider Benelux marketplace. While offering the opportunity to Kampen’s existing customers to access Score’s unique value adding services, including its Emissions Elimination Program (EEP). A single source solution for emissions management, the four-stage EEP process works to detect and quantify emissions at source, interpreting data to inform a customised repair and mitigation plan to maximise the reduction of emissions.

Score is committed to investing in Kampen Valve Care’s growth and development, which includes but is not limited to, the upgrading of its current facilities, adding specialist labour to the team, and offering Score’s world-class training programme to the next generation of valve specialists.

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