Severn manufactures 48” butterfly valves

Severn was recently approached by a UK Petrochemical client to create a solution to assist in the reduction of noise and harmful emission pollution at their facility. The client was moving from a standard flare system to a new enclosed ground flare (EGF) system in an effort to improve reliability and reduce noise and combustion related emissions.

An enclosed ground flare system is designed to include advantages over an elevated flare system such as: Clean, smokeless burning for a range of flare gas compositions; No visible emissions; Low noise pollution; Reduced combustion emissions; and Improved efficiency and reliability.

Severn’s 48’’ Butterfly valves were designed as the main Control valve for the new ground flare system, therefore had to be designed to reflect the safety critical nature of the application and the stringent specifications & testing regime set by the client. The valves and accessories were supplied SIL certified to integrate into the client’s SIL rated system.

The 48’’ Butterfly valves were double flanged, designed to fit between the client ASME 150 flanges. The valves also had a replaceable RPTFE seal to give repeatable Class VI shutoff. The bodies of the Butterfly valves were manufactured in ASTM A352 LCB (Carbon Steel) and the discs in ASTM A351 CF8M (Stainless Steel) to ensure the valve performed as designed when operating at temperatures from -45 C to +50 C. The valves were operated by a Quifer Scotch Yoke Actuator with smart positioner and instrumentation.

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