Shipham Valves purpose-built valve testing area

Shipham Vavles’ transformation journey is still evolving with the development of a new, purpose-built, and dedicated valve testing area. Since its high-quality valve solutions are used in numerous corrosive and severe service environments, they are subjected to rigorous testing procedures.

This dedicated testing area is located close to the valve assembly areas, which helps maintain a smooth workflow. With up to six separate testing rigs, this self-contained facility allows for simultaneous air and water testing of valves at any given time. These test rigs currently have the capability to test pressure classes 150-600, with other testing areas having the capability to test up to pressure class 1500.

A screen has been erected around the actual test area. Each testing rig has been fitted with safety screens and is equipped with a crane that allows safe lifting of up to 500 kilos for enhanced safety.

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