SIPOS’ actuators for Dillinger Hütte steel plant

SIPOS Aktorik has secured a contract to supply advanced actuation technology to the Dillinger Hütte steel plant in Germany. The company’s SIPOS 5 HiMod actuators have been selected for essential valve control automation of a new double-strand continuous caster authorised by the Supervisory Board of Aktien-Gesellschaft der Dillinger Hüttenwerke (Dillinger Hütte).
Known as Continuous Caster 6 (CC6), the line will supply slab to both high-capacity heavy plate rolling mills in Dillingen and to the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, GTS Industries in Dunkirk, in addition to fulfilling the requirements of the company’s increasingly sophisticated product mix. The line, which has a vertical caster design, will replace Continuous Caster 3.

Commenting on the selection of the SIPOS 5 HiMod actuation technology, Tino Raschke, SIPOS’ regional sales manager said, “Cooling regulation at CC6 requires extreme accuracy to ensure the high quality of the plates. This is aided by the HiMod actuator which is a precision product designed to address the most challenging valve control requirements with high end modulating duty, precision and longevity.”
Representing an investment of around EUR 300M, CC6 is reported to be one of the biggest single investments ever made at the Dillingen site. CC6 is due to commence operation in the first half of 2014.
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