Sipos aids power plant

Sipos will install over 1200 Sipos Aktorik actuators at a new RWE coal-fired power plant that is under development at Hamm, Westfalen, Germany. Sipos will also provide new version Profibus actuation technology for high-speed data exchange. In line with other RWE applications of Sipos actuation technology, the latest contract at Hamm, Westfalen will adopt Profibus DP V2 technology and see the company‘s products used in a range of valve control applications. Benefits of the actuators provided to RWE include provision of variable output speeds to optimise processes and soft start/speed reduction in end positions for minimal stress on valves. The new plant at Hamm is set to reach an optimal efficiency of 46%. While generating an equivalent amount of power, the plant is being designed to require 20% less hard coal. And, per kilowatt hour of electricity, it will emit some 2.5 million tons less CO2 per year compared to previous systems.
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