SIPOS solar actuation gains popularity

SIPOS Aktorik’s integrated solar actuation solution, launched two years ago, is proving popular with users in challenging power supply locations. The company reports growth in demand from both traditional adopters of actuation technology and more unusual schemes, such as fountains in popular tourist locations. The system has been developed to support users in “remote” mains locations, which can be several kilometers or as little as 20m from the power source. Designed for valve flow control applications, the solution aids applications with no utility infrastructure or where connection to an existing power line is not cost effective. Additionally, the technology supports the increasing number of organisations that are seeking self-sufficiency from mains power. The SIPOS solar solution, which is tailored to meet individual customer requirements, combines solar panels, electrical cabinets and the SIPOS 5 Flash 230V AC actuator with comprehensive functionality. Optional accessories include wireless remote control: radio, GSM or GPRS.
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