SIPOS supports Stockholm’s district heating

Over two hundred SIPOS 5 Flash actuators have been installed as part of a major expansion of the district heating system in the Södermalm district of Stockholm. Managed by the utility Fortum, a network of underground insulated pipes and valves, automated by SIPOS’ devices, provides an essential service transferring hot water from centralised boilers to the local population.

Significant quantities of hot water at the scheme need to be diverted and shut-off as part of the system’s controls. As the water volume weighs many tonnes, rapid valve closure can result in excessive pressure, well over steady state values which can cause severe water hammer problems – this can result in pipes rupturing, being ripped off their mounts and pipe ‘whip’. With their ability to alter closure of speed subject to valve travel, SIPOS’ actuators address water hammer and were ideally suited for this application.
SIPOS actuators were installed at a variety of locations at the Södermalm scheme, including junction points. Requiring just one variable speed actuator at each installation, the technology provided cost and space saving benefits.
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