SKF launches new bearing rating life model

SKF has launched a pioneering new model that will help engineers to calculate a more realistic bearing rating life by considering more influencing factors. The new model will play a vital role in enabling OEMs and end users to match bearings to application conditions with even greater certainty, resulting in improved bearing life and reduced operating costs.

Developed as part of the SKF EnCompass Field Performance Programme, the new SKF Generalized Bearing Life Model will enable original equipment designers and end users to more closely match bearings to actual application conditions. SKF has developed the model and a corresponding technical paper, which, due to its significance to the wider industrial and engineering disciplines, has been submitted to the scientific community. The new model builds on the strengths of the current bearing life model, which was developed by SKF over 30 years ago, standardised in ISO 281:2007 and currently used worldwide.

The new SKF Generalized Bearing Life Model successfully separates surface from sub-surface failure modes. Based on explicit tribological models, it factors in new performance parameters, including those for lubrication, contamination, surface strength and mild-wear resistance. By understanding and accounting for more potential failure modes, the model is able to predict bearing behaviour and life more realistically under a wide range of operating conditions in the field.

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