Smart actuator

Honeywell Sensing and Control has produced the HercuLine 10260S Smart Actuator. This incorporates the high quality and reliable features of the field-proven HercuLine actuators with the added benefit of a microprocessor-based Enhanced Electronics Unit (EEU). The actuator offers non-intrusive configuration, assignable relay outputs for remote alarming, and digital input for emergency override. The actuator comes with an alphanumeric LED display and keypad to accommodate configuration and local operator interface requirements for non-intrusive set-up. The EEU makes set-up and maintenance easier as well as allowing the user to monitor the health of the actuator for proactive maintenance planning. Key benefits of the actuator versus traditional actuators include reduced set-up and installation costs, lower maintenance costs, and precise positioning for better process control. Typical applications include dampers for fuel and air-flow control; process control valves; combustion process control in power generation, heat treat furnace, and glass processing; water and waste valves; and pulp & paper valves.

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