Smart control valve for minimal flow rates

Schubert & Salzer has extended their product range by the low flow valve type 7042 for minimal flow rates and demanding high-pressure applications. Equipped with the top-mounted positioner type 8049, the valve sets new benchmarks in terms of precision and intelligent networking.

Low flow valves or needle valves are always used wherever minimal flow rates or high pressures have to be controlled with particular precision or securely shut off. With the type 7042, Schubert & Salzer now developed a low flow valve that not only offers minimal Kv-values of 0.0027 to 1.7 and a nominal pressure of PN320 but also impresses with state-of-the-art field integration.

The low flow valve type 7042 shows its full potential together with the optionally integrated positioner type 8049. In addition to an explosion-protected and FM version, it can also be equipped with an IO-Link connection or IIoT module (Industrial Internet of Things). The low flow valve thus supplies extensive status data, which can significantly facilitate not only predictive maintenance but also error analysis and commissioning. With IO-link, a single cable with an M12 plug bundles the positioning signal, position feedback, data transmission, and even the power supply. The continuous monitoring of the status data allows even the slightest irregularities in the control behaviour to be detected. The evaluation of the data facilitates the planning of predictive maintenance and thus increases process reliability and plant availability.

A further advantage of the type 7042 is the top-mounted installation of the integrated positioner. The design enables the fast and uncomplicated replacement of the control unit and is thus particularly maintenance-friendly. The new positioner is automatically configured with the parameters of the predecessor via IO-Link. It is immediately ready to operate following a brief self-calibration routine.

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