Smart valve gearbox detects fugitive emissions

A significant percentage of the fugitive emissions generated in a process plant comes from the valves. Plant operators are incurring increasing capital and operating costs in tackling these issues.

To meet this challenge, Rotork Gears is developing a new smart gearbox designed with an extra function for leak detection. This technology is a method of detecting fugitive emissions using the valve operator.

The Fugitive Emission Detector Gearbox™ forms an integral part of the valve operator and is not an external measurement device. It accurately detects leakage within the cavity formed between the valve and valve operator.

No labour input is required after commissioning as live and continuous information is relayed via a wired or wireless network to the chosen destination. The prompt notification of fugitive emissions to the appropriate personnel facilitates significant reductions in the severity of leaks and the timely repair or replacement of leaking equipment.

In addition to the direct detection of leaking fluids the system can be used as a diagnostic tool to minimise the need for preventative maintenance, and increase the effectiveness of asset management.

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