SMC Coolant valve

SMC Corp. of America has announced the release of its new Series SGC coolant valve with a service life of 5 million cycles or more, for use in machine tool and auto industries. SMC’s Series SGC coolant valve is suitable for use in coolant system of the machine tools and parts wash machines and comply with RoHS directive The series SGC valves offer an extremely high coefficient of volume flow (Cv) up to 18.3 with operating pressure ranging from 72 to 232lb/in2 and comes in both air and electrical operated versions. The electrical operated version valves come in various electrical connections including conduit terminal, DIN terminal and M12 connector with solenoid voltages 12V, 24V in DC and 100V, 110V, 200V, 220V in AC power supply. The series SGC coolant valves also comes with optional auto switches to confirm valve opening and closing and also to interlock with the machine tool controls.
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