SMC launches new ISO13849-1 compliant valves

Manufacturing safety is a global concern for all operators and designers with ISO13849-1 setting the standard. SMC is helping its customers meet this standard with the launch of its latest 3-port solenoid valves. The 3-port solenoid valves VP-X555 and X585 are designed to be used as components in categories 3 and 4 and join the existing range of single and dual residual pressure release safety valves – VP-X536, VP-X538 and VG-X87 – already available in response to ISO13849-1.

Adherence to international machine safety standards is a must for manufacturers and designers following the introduction of ISO13849-1.

The VP-X555 and VP-X585 series  feature an integrated soft start-up function that gradually builds the pressure of the pneumatic system, delivering performance consistency, and excellent safety. They also have two stations, so if one fails to operate, residual pressure is released by the remaining valve to maintain the safety function.

Further features of the of the VP-X555 and X585 include a selectable throttle and fixed orifice that allows the pressure to be easily adjusted. In addition, they come with IP65 enclosure protection, a choice of safety limit switches and the ability to connect to modular type FRL units.

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