Solvay expands range of HFFR compounds

Solvay Specialty Polymers has expanded its family of Cogegum cross-linkable, halogen-free flame-retardant (HFFR) compounds for cable jacketing for the railway, shipboard, industrial, and oil and gas industries. The new polyolefin grade, Cogegum GFR 380, delivers greater flexibility and superior flame resistance compared to competitive silane-grafted HFFR materials.

Cogegum GFR 380 addresses the inherent limitations of silane-grafted HFFR materials that are typically stiff because of the lack of a plasticiser component. With a 38 Shore D hardness, the new grade is softer and more flexible than competitive silane-grafted HFFRs that typically exhibit a 45 to 50 Shore D hardness. This is particularly important in railway and shipboard applications where cable space is narrow and bending ability is a key advantage.

Cogegum GFR 380 also provides superior flame retardant properties compared to competitive silane-grafted HFFRs. The new grade also offers the same chemical resistance as previous grades to such substances as oil, fuels, alkalines, acids and service fluids. Cogegum GFR 380 incorporates a master-batch that contains special additives to improve cross-linking action and aging. An anti-ultraviolet (UV) agent for enhanced weatherability is also part of the formulation. The material is rated for use up to 90°C and can be adapted for certain applications up to 105°C.

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