Spence LH Big Block valve station

Spence Engineering Co. now offers the addition of the Left-Handed version of the Big Block universal mount valve station. The Big Block valve has already been available in Right-Handed versions in 1/2in and 3/4in in NPT and SW for a number of years. With the addition of the Left-Handed version, it allows more flexibility in the installation and allows easier maintenance since it could be accessed more easily for testing and blowdown. The Big Block valve station includes two isolation valves, integral strainer, blowdown valve, and test port. The technical specifications remain the same: 304L stainless steel body, blow-down valve and strainer; adjustable Grafoil Packing; universal two-bolt swivel trap mount installs permanently and accommodates thermostatic, inverted bucket, and thermodynamic style traps; and class 600: Pressures to 1440PSI and Temperatures to 750F. The Inner and Outer valve stems are designed to reduce wear and the blowout proof isolation valves with Teflon seats offer protection from overtorque.
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