Stafsjö knife gate valves used worldwide

Firefly, the suppliers of spark detection and fire and dust explosion protection systems uses Stafsjö valves to protect installations worldwide.

When it comes to industrial fire protection systems, reliability is essential. The system which is often on constant standby during long periods should be able to respond immediately and extinguish possible ignition sources to prevent fires and dust explosions. In the Firefly solution, Stafsjö’s valves have an important duty.

For more than 30 years, Firefly have been using Stafsjö’s valves in their fire protection systems. Stafsjö’s valves are robust, reliable, and deliver performance when required. It is a reliable product that provides the quality that our customers’ require. With a closed knife gate valve, fires and dust explosions can be prevented this, therefore, enhances levels of fire safety for our customers.

Stafsjö’s HG isolation valve has a through-going gate for reliable shut-off performance which is independent of pressure direction. Its ability to cut through static media columns also serves its purpose well. Superior flow characteristics enable it to act as a part of the pipe system without affecting the process flow. Stainless steel metal seats extend the service life and offer low friction to achieve ultra-fast isolation time. Sometimes the valve is also supported by a pressure tank to speed up the shut-off time.

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