StraightFlo valve receives patent from Russia

Zahroof Valves Inc. announced that their proprietary StraightFlo Valve (SFV) technology has received a patent in Russia. This patent joins other nations including New Zealand, Ukraine and China. The ZVI StraightFlo Valve, created by ZVI President and CTO Zahroof Mohamed, is a patent-pending, compressor valve technology that is a drop-in replacement for conventional valves. The innovative design, based on the patented Modular Reed Valve technology, delivers a step improvement in reciprocating compressor performance, serviceability and reliability while reducing gas emissions to the environment and minimizing valve inventory.

The ZVI StraightFlo Valve has been proven to improve valve efficiency by up to 40% and significantly extends valve service intervals. The valves’ unique design allows OEM compressor manufacturers to rethink the design of compressor cylinders to improve efficiency, increase speed for a given efficiency, reduce volumetric clearance and reduce costs. The unique design of the SFV can be applied to all gas compression applications including, Natural gas gathering, production, transmission and storage, CNG, Injection, FPSO, Fuel gas boosting, CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and for Industrial gas & Refrigeration.

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