Swagelok SK multipurpose ball valves

Swagelok SK seriesNew Swagelok SK series multipurpose ball valves mark the continuing expansion of the company’s line of ball valves. The valves offer positive, quarter-turn shutoff for general process and control applications in fluid systems. Key features of the new valves are 316 stainless steel construction, spring-loaded seats, floating ball, low-torque operation, and compact design. The spring-loaded seats and floating ball provide leak-tight integrity in both low and high-pressure systems while reducing wear and extending cycle life. Low-torque allows for easy manual operation and the use of smaller pneumatic and electric actuators. Compact envelope and standard panel mounting make the valves suitable for installation in panels. In addition to manual actuation, SK series valves are available with standard Swagelok or ISO 5211-compliant rack and pinion pneumatic actuators. End connection choices include Swagelok gaugeable tube fitting, NPT and ISO pipe, and VCO® O-ring face seal. Sizes are 1/4in 3/8in, 6mm, and 8mm. Service options include low-temperature and sour gas applications. The new valves are rated for working pressures to 6000psig and temperatures ranging from -40 to 302F.
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