Temperature and pressure control

New models and design enhancements have been announced for the AMOT Controls 4500 Series Manifold Valves, specially developed to answer the need for accurate temperature and pressure regulation in gas turbine lube oil systems, with reductions in the number of valves needed and the associated costs. Each model combines the function of a temperature control valve with up to two pressure regulators and, for certain applications, a pressure relief valve. They cover a wide range of flow rates, delivering precisely regulated lubrication to the engine. It is said that in most cases a myriad of piping, valves, supports and devices can be replaced with just one of these compact units, greatly reducing installation costs and giving a total weight savings of over 81kg. The latest model is the 4504, which is the equivalent of a 3-inch thermostatic valve and has an integrated internally actuated pressure regulator. Model 4501 equates to a 2–2½-inch thermostatic valve and has two integrated pressure regulators, one with external pilot. Model 4500 is the equivalent to a 4-inch thermostatic valve, with an integrated pressure regulator having an external pilot plus an internal pressure regulator.

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