The biggest Flowrox pinch valve

A massive DN1350 / 54” Flowrox pinch valve is providing reliability and controlling the flow in a wastewater treatment plant in Florida, USA. Flowrox’s robust and technologically advanced valve guarantees high wear and corrosion resistance, trouble-free operation, and an extended lifetime.

One of the largest electrically operated pinch valves in the world was purchased by the city of Miami, Florida Dade County Water & Sewer Dept. for their wastewater plant expansion.

The valve, which has the largest centerline dual pinch ever, was manufactured by Valmet Flow Control and is Valmet’s Flowrox brand acquired by Valmet in April of 2022. The 54”/ DN1350 pinch valve that meets the AIS standards (American Iron & Steel Act) will accurately control the influent to the plant up to 125 million gallons / 470 million liters each day and provide reliability and control to one of the largest waste water plants in the state of Florida and the USA.

The valve incorporates two pinch devices that close the valve on the center line providing a flow regime that is concentrated in the center portion of the valve reducing wear and velocity through the valve.

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