The Cavagna Group purchases assets of DVR

The Cavagna Group has finalised the acquisition of a business line of LPG valves and regulators by purchasing DVR’s assets, part of the ALTEK GROUP.

Established in 1971, the DVR Company, has been delivering a wide range of LPG products including self-closing valves, hand wheel operated valves, camping cylinder valves and regulators for LPG to customers in mainly in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey.

The assets will be transferred from Turkey and installed this year in some of Cavagna’s plants to take advantage of Cavagna’s industrial synergy.

In this way, these products can be marketed through Cavagna’s own international network.

Through the acquisition, Cavagna Group will enlarge the LPG business platform that will help further expand its global business, and strengthen the operation services for most recognized LPG distribution companies.

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