The ClampOn BIRD is a new and unique wireless acoustic sensor for the downstream, unconventional and renewable energy market. The BIRD (Battery-operated Intelligent Remote Detector) is a non-intrusive instrument that can be used for various types of condition monitoring of pipes, flowlines, valves, and structures.

The BIRD can provide an early warning of potential weaknesses of pipes and structures, giving the operator information that will assist with making decisions for their asset to meet their individual decarbonization goals.

With wireless communication and power from an internal battery, the need for expensive cabling, complex wiring diagrams, and termination boxes is now a thing of the past.

By measuring, analyzing, and reporting acoustic noise, temperature, and vibration, the BIRD is extremely flexible and can be used for leak monitoring, vibration detection, steam detection, foam monitoring, temperature monitoring, process monitoring, particle monitoring, and pig detection.

The ClampOn BIRD offers the latest technology, including energy-efficient Digital Signal Processing (DSP), a very low-power RF node, and a sub 1 GHz programmable ultra-low power mode. These technologies combine to allow the sensor to operate for more than a year on a single Power Module (internal battery). The ClampOn BIRD sensor continuously monitors the condition of the power module and will inform the client when replacement is due.

The BIRD has a wireless range of up to 1000 meters (line of sight), and its multi-function capability is designed and approved for worldwide operation in just about any industry.

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