Tolomatic integrated servo motor with PROFINET

The Tolomatic ACSI integrated servo/motor/controller is now available with PROFINET Industrial Ethernet protocol, allowing engineers to design easy-to-use and cost-effective electric actuator solutions for single-axis applications. The integrated package is ideal for replacing pneumatic cylinders and automating any simple axis of motion with Siemens or other PROFINET enabled PLCs.

With built-in configurations for Tolomatic electric actuators, the ACSI integrated controller automatically configures the motor, actuator, safety limits and other key settings inside the controller for quick and seamless integration. The PROFINET protocol is in addition to Tolomatic’s existing EtherNet/IP and Modbus-TCP options for the ACSI.

Certified by PI North America (PROFINET governing organization) to PROFINET v2.33 standards, the ACSI controller can be implemented on RT (Real Time) networks as an I/O device.

Available in two sizes (NEMA 23 and 34), with peak torques up to 1.35 N-m (12 in-lbs), the ACSI features standard M12 connectors, an IP65 rating, dual Ethernet ports with LED indicators for easy troubleshooting and a USB microprogramming port.

Tolomatic will mount the ACSI to the actuator of choice, configure it, test it and ship it to the customer under one part number, thereby saving time with purchasing multiple part numbers.

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