Top-entry ball valves available from stock

UK Process Valves has been appointed as a stockist and distributor of the ITT Cam-Tite range of top-entry ball valves. The Cam-Tite ball valve has developed a good reputation for performance compared to conventional floating ball designs. The difference is in the ball, where material is removed from around the circumference of the ports to produce a ball which is shorter in the open position than in the closed position. This difference in dimensions imparts a cam-like profile to the ball, which in turn produces a mechanical loading on the valve seats in the closed position. The primary benefits of this design are reliable sealing regardless of line pressure and a significant reduction in valve operating torque. The Cam-Tite ball valve uses a top-entry design, which not only facilitates ease of maintenance but also reduces the number of potential leak paths and allows the valve to be welded in line without any disassembly. The range encompasses all body material and end connection options including Flanges to ASA Class 150, 300 and 600lb. Screwed, socket weld and butt weld end connections are also manufactured as standard. All valves are manufactured under the 9001/EN29001 standard and are CE-marked as fully compliant with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

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