Triple gate valve triumph for Oliver Valvetek

Oliver Valvetek identifies new and emerging opportunities to supply higher pressure small-bore subsea valves and recognizes the technical barriers that hinder most other valve suppliers.

The subsea oil and gas industry has been rapidly developing new technology to allow the development of ‘challenging fields’. These challenges are usually associated with high pressure, high temperature (HP/HT), and operation at great depths.

Fields with pressures of 15,000psi (1034bar) were generally considered high pressure, however, new fields are now being discovered and developed for well bore production with working pressures of 20,000 psi (1380 bar).

Oliver Valvetek had already successfully designed and qualified a 3/8” Nominal Bore 20,000 CWP needle valve for a High Pressure / High-Temperature field development in the Gulf of Mexico.

Utilizing this specialist and field-proven history with Shell Appomattox, Oliver Valvetek successfully developed and tested a Dual and Tripe Gate valve assembly in accordance with API6A PR2F, API 17D, and API 17G.

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