Turbine blade pitch control technology from Moog

Moog will present important developments in control systems to ensure safe operation of wind turbines in adverse conditions at the European Wind Energy Association Event, EWEA 2014, in Barcelona in March.

Technology Development Manager Dr Tobias Rösmann will present the latest information on Moog’s self-sensing closed-loop pitch speed control for wind turbines. The system enables synchronous motors to be used for pitch systems, since it can keep them under closed-loop speed control even if there is a failure in the motor position feedback.

This self-sensing closed-loop speed control feature is only one of the benefits built into the new AC Pitch Axis Servo (PAS) concept from Moog. The new interior permanent magnet synchronous (IPMSM) motor was specially designed for the pitch application. It ensures maximum efficiency at low speeds during pitch operation and a peak torque capability of up to 3.5 times nominal pitch torque, even at grid fault condition.

In his presentation at EWEA 2014, Rösmann will discuss the results of a case study for a 7MW turbine carried out by Moog and Fraunhofer IWES in Kassel to demonstrate the influence of pitch position incoherence on the turbine structural loads during the feathering run.

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