Type 6240 solenoid valve

Burkert’s new type 6240 valve is a servo-assisted solenoid valve for universal use with neutral gases and liquids such as compressed air, water, hydraulic oil and steam. The Type 6240 is a NC 2/2 servo-assisted valve designed for use in gas handling applications; in compressors and shut-off valves in gas facilities. In addition, the valves are suited to steam sterilisation. The Type 6240 valves are manufactured with brass or stainless steel (316L) bodies, internal parts of brass/stainless steel, and PEEK, and FKM seals, with EPDM and PTFE variants upon request. Supplied with either G1/4 or G3/8 ports, the valve has a 6mm orifice, delivering high flow of 0.6m3/h at pressures up to 16bar. This standard version is suitable for use in the temperature range -10C to +120C (FKM seals), or -30C to +120C with EPDM seals, which are available upon request. However, for applications requiring temperatures and pressures outside of these ranges, Burkert offers an extended version of the 6240, which operates up to 25bar and 180C.
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