Unconventional automation solution to valve operation

Valve Automizer is a newly developed automated device that automates and digitalizes manual valves that are already installed by simply attaching them to the valve. The rotation of the Valve Automizer bracket is transmitted to the handle of the valve to open and close the valve using the buttons on the main unit or by remote control. A special technology acquired through open innovation made feasible that the product to be compact, lightweight, and quiet, while still being suitable to a variety of valves ranging from 10A to 200A, delivering appropriate torque-diverse conditions. Hence, it can be used in different industrial settings, including factories, ships, power plants, and building constructions.

The fact that this product addresses sustainability, human safety, and digitalization in addition to automation is what distinguishes it from other products in the market. In sustainability, retrofit automation is made possible without interrupting the flow of fluids inside the pipe and by utilizing the machinery already in place. In human safety, remote control alternative in emergencies to avoid operating in danger zones. In digitalization, the device collects different types of data for technical research and contributes to the modernization of industries.

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