VAG relies on sustainable EPP coating

As a member of the German GSK Quality Assurance Association for heavy-duty corrosion protection, VAG has dedicated itself to the future-oriented EPP coating.

The EPP offers resource-efficient one-time heating up to 200 °C instead of heating the part up twice to over 700 °C. Also, there is a minimal susceptibility to damage by impact stress and the possibility of repairing a damaged coating at the same time. The minimum coating thickness of 250 microns required by the GSK criteria technically ensures freedom from pores. Higher elongation values, and thus better adaptation to the casting material under compressive loads reduce the risk of cracks in the coating. Also, a reliable adhesion of the coating ensured by a defined EPP manufacturing process, measurable and provable according to the GSK criteria.

By exclusively focusing on epoxy coatings, VAG can meet the requirements of local and global markets even better.

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