Val-Matic’s Quadrosphere ball valves in salt domes

Val-Matic’s QuadroSphere® ball valves are used in salt dome/cavern storage. Salt caverns are formed out of existing salt deposits, which are turned into salt domes through a leaching process. These underground salt formations offer an option for gas/liquid storage since they allow little of the gas/liquid to escape unless specifically extracted. During the leaching process salt crystals, as well as sand and minerals are brought up which can be very damaging to the valve. The abrasive materials and build up affect the ball, stem and seats destroying the valve over time. QuadroSphere® ball valves were placed in the harshest salt caverns and are still in service after more than 6 years. The contoured ball design of the QuadroSphere® allows media to flow around the ball and aids in flushing out the ball cavity.

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