Valtek® Valdisk™ high performance butterfly valve

Flowserve Corporation (FLS), a provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets has announced its Valtek® Valdisk™ high-performance butterfly valve is licensor-approved for use in pressure swing adsorption (PSA) applications.

The valve has successfully completed a rigorous one million-cycle endurance test. It’s well-suited for applications in chemical plants, oil refineries, and other facilities that require control valves that maintain tight shutoff amidst high cycles and bi-directional flows.

The Valtek Valdisk butterfly valve joins the Valtek Mark One™ globe valve and Logix™ 3800 digital positioner from Flowserve, which are already licensor-approved for PSA applications. Valtek control valves and Logix automation extend equipment life and maintain purity in PSA skids.

The endurance test simulates the rigorous operating conditions found in high-cycle PSA processes. Conducted in accordance with licensor criteria, it was cycled with upstream pressures of 350 psi and measured seat and stem leakage over one million open/close cycles. The valve followed a defined control ramp to demonstrate sensitivity, repeatability, and linearity. By increasing valve shutoff reliability, plant operators can maintain accurate pressure in the PSA vessel and extract purer hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen (or other gases). Increased gas purity and capacities lead to greater production and higher profits.

The Valtek Valdisk valve’s proprietary soft seat design provides long-lasting, Class VI shutoff in both flow directions. It also incorporates innovative key features that extend the mean time between repairs. The double-offset disc reduces seat and disc wear as well as leakage, extends seat life, and reduces maintenance costs. A high-thrust cylinder actuator coupled with an eccentric-cammed disc enables unmatched, high-performance throttling. In addition, its thin body enables a smaller overall PSA skid footprint with lower weight and costs.

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