Valtorc ball valves for Saudi Arabian refinery

Valtorc USA, an American valve company located in Kennesaw, Georgia, secured a multi-million-dollar project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for automated valve packages for a large Oil and Gas refinery in the Arabian Peninsula.

Valtorc USA will manufacture and supply highly intelligent automated control valves for the facility, and will be retained for upcoming phases of the project. Valves will range in sizes from 1/2″ to 24″ and will be used to control the flow of crude in the pipelines.

Valtorc’s standard flanged ball valve comes in manual or automated packages – for actuation, the series 180 is manufactured with ISO 5211 mounting pads. Valtorc International also offers this valve as an actuated valve package. The two-piece flanged ball valve can be used for manual throttling/control applications. The series 180 has zero leakage, saving time and money in water applications. It is a lead-free valve that can be used for water service industries. With a floating ball design and bi-directional shut off the 180 is offered in ANSI class 150 or 300.

The various classes configuration on the series 180 allow for the usage of the valve to be very diverse. Control applications range from waste water/water services, chemical, oil/petro, power, pulp/paper and various other materials.

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