Valve industry remains positive

The German Valve Manufacturers’ Association within VDMA has stated that the perspectives for industrial valves remain positive despite bad news from the overall economy. The German manufacturers of industrial valves saw a nominal increase in sales of 12% in the first half-year of 2008, totalling EUR 458 million. Home sales rose by 14% and foreign sales increased by 9% compared to the previous year. The shut-off valves manufacturers ranked first in this growth trend with an increase in sales of 15%. According to the Federal Statistical Office, exports of industrial valves rose by 19% in the first five months of 2008, totalling EUR 1.1 billion. As in the past, China was the major customer for German manufacturers. German deliveries to China rose by 35% and totalled EUR 113 million. German exports to Russia again showed a particularly positive development (+97%, total: EUR 113 million). Due to the strong demand for valves ”Made in Germany“, Russia improved its ranking among the major sales countries from the 7th to the second position. The industry expects further impulses from the PCV Expo show 2008 in Moscow (21st-24th October 2008) where the member companies will present their products in the framework of a joint VDMA exhibition stand. The exports business with Saudi Arabia (+105%, total: EUR 31 million; 11th place) and India (+63%, total: EUR 31 million; 12th place) also deserves to be highlighted.
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