Valve World Asia 2005 well on track

Following several visits to the Far East, Conference Director Sjef Roymans
reports that there is massive interest in Valve World’s latest show – Valve World Asia 2005. Scheduled for Shanghai, China, from 12 to 13 May 2005, the show is based around the successful Valve World formula of an end-user driven Conference plus an exhibition dedicated to valves and actuators.
“The show will be a real meeting point for East and West,” says Mr Roymans. “For example, the Conference Steering Committee, chaired by Mr Zhang Ji Hong of the Zhenghai Refinery China, numbers valve experts from companies such as the China Valve Industry Association, CNPC, SINOPEC, Chevron, Fluor Daniel, JGC, BASF, Shell GSI, Lloyds Register Shanghai, etc. Paper presentations will review the state of the Chinese valve industry, discuss Chinese and Western experiences with valves, review project experiences when sourcing valves, discuss applicable quality assurances, etc.” Mr Roymans continues: “The expo – long sold out – features the best in flow control products from 50 companies experienced in trading to and from China. In addition, Western visitors will be able to gain a first-hand impression of the manufacturing chain, as complementary visits have been arranged to valve manufacturer Neway as well as the Hongda Foundry. The Chinese industry is booming right now, so this is an event valve makers, sellers, specifiers and users cannot afford to miss.”
For more information please contact Mr Sjef Roymans, PO BOX 396
NL-7200 AJ Zutphen, The Netherlands, tel. +31 575 585 270, fax +31 575 511 099, e-mail; or Maggie Niu (Chinese speaker), tel. +31 575 585 298; or send e-mail to

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