Valve World visits Japan

A small Valve World-delegation visited Japan in the last week of January. Kiyo Ichikawa (2n from the left) and Atsumi Sato (third from the right) visited a number of valve and stainless steel producers, including Toa Valve Engineering Inc., a manufacturer, sales and maintenance company of various valves mainly for power generation and petrochemical plants. 

The company, based in the city of Amagasaki (close to Osaka), has 320 employees, including two female engineers who bring a fresh perspective to the plant. The company states it values the power of each individual staff member and the value of teambuilding causing a good atmosphere in their office and plants which results in producing high-quality products with their pleasure. Valve World received a heartwarming welcome by the staff including president Koumei Sasano (third from the left). The company, founded in 1922, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in two years’ time. By inheriting the technologies, trust, and company culture that they have cultivated so far, and also responding flexibly to environmental changes, Toa Valve Engineering will continue its adventure in this millenium.
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