ValvTechnologies optimizes plant performance for OEM

ValvTechnologies, Inc. was featured in Fluid Handling Pro’s technology focus on valves. Fluid Handling Pro is the global business resource and website for fluid handling and processing professionals. Learn how ValvTechnologies significantly increased efficiency and optimized plant performance for a world-renowned OEM.

The OEM was skeptical about cutting out the globe valves and replacing them in-kind. By doing so, they would continue to face the previously identified challenges. The warranty team decided, instead, to replace them with ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage metal-seated ball valves. Once the decision was made, timing became critical and ValvTechnologies quickly implemented a resolution plan. The plan involved dispatching all available hands on deck in scouring their warehouses and distribution network to locate the valves necessary to not only resolve the leakage issues but to get the valves expedited to the site to meet the OEM’s deadline.

The team’s collaboration allowed ValvTechnologies to deliver 70 ball valves in a variety of sizes, pressure classes, materials, etc. required (1” – 3”, 900# – 4500# in carbon steel, F22, and F91).

In addition to helping the OEM overcome their immediate problem, ValvTechnologies assisted in addressing their safety concerns that also eliminated massive LDs and performance back charge penalties. The OEM’s Optimization Team performed tests to determine the outcome relating to the performance and efficiency of this site. To the delight of the OEM and its customer, the reported outcome stated that after the steam leakages were fixed and valves were adjusted to capture more steam along with a variety of other maintenance procedures performed, the corrected steam turbine gross power was increased approximately by 10.3 MW. These actions not only increased the overall plant output by roughly 10 MW but also decreased the plant heat rate by 64 Btu/kWh.

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