Victaulic Series 727 for upstream oil systems

Victaulic has launched the Series 727 Ball Valve, a high-pressure, enhanced-port, NACE-compliant valve with grooved ends for upstream oil applications. The Series 727 provides excellent flow characteristics and enables quick and easy installation and maintenance.

The internal design of the Series 727 Ball Valve has been streamlined to provide superior flow characteristics, offering improved throughput. Flow testing demonstrated up to one-third better flow than competitive standard port ball valves.

The Series 727 Ball Valve is joined using Victaulic couplings, enabling quicker and easier installation and maintenance than flanged valves. The Series 727 weighs one-third less than equivalent flanged valves, further easing the handling and installation.

The two-piece valve features
a floating ball for lower torque requirements, and comes with manual handles with an integral tamper-resistant lock or seal. The Series 727 is designed for full open or shut-off service.
Series 727 valves can accommodate pressures of up to 1,500psi (10,350kPa) and are available in sizes ranging from 2” to 6” (50mm to 150mm). Common oilfield applications include wellhead hook-ups, flow lines, production headers, produced water lines, heater-treaters, separators, tank battery and salt-water disposal, among others.
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