Warren Controls three-way diverting valve

Control valve specialists Warren Controls has customised a three-way diverting control valve used in a critical absorption chiller application. 
The work at a marine airbase in the southern California desert resulted in long service life, improved chiller performance, and reduced downtime.
In service for 16 years, the valve is now being returned to Warren Controls for inspection, rebuild, and functional testing to support a tight maintenance schedule.
Part of the Warren Controls industrial valve product line, this 1800 Series product is a three-inch flanged three-way diverting control valve pneumatically actuated with an electro-pneumatic positioner for accurate modulating control.
Initial feedback from the customer demonstrated the water supply contained calcium and various minerals resulting in the scaling of the standard valve trim material.
The Warren Controls engineering team customised the valve to include chrome plating on all internal wetted components.
Enhancements included treating the valve plug, seat, stem, and cylindrical skirt, with chrome plating to resist scale and mineral deposit buildup.
This helped keep the absorption chiller operating at maximum efficiency for extended service life.
The complete valve assembly will be delivered to Warren Controls for preventative maintenance for the first time in 16 years as part of that planned outage. Engineers are preparing new chrome-plated wetted parts ahead of time to meet an extremely rapid turnaround schedule for the rebuild and return to the customer for installation.
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