Acrodyne introduces Noah SA-03 actuators

The SA-03 is the latest addition to the Noah SA series of compact and reliable valve actuators. The SA-03 weighs only 1.5 Kgs and delivers a max torque of 30 Nm. Built in an aluminum anodized housing and O ring sealed to IP 67, it bears the Noah stamp of quality and reliability.

The SA series now comprise of the following models SA-03- 1.5 Kgs 30 Nm, SA-05- 2.8 Kgs 50 Nm, and SA-09- 4.5 Kgs 90 Nm with options such as current position transmitter, potentiometer feedback and 4 to 20 mA analogue positioner (under development for SA-03).

Standard features include:

• AC 24V/110/230V/ 1PH 50/60Hz, DC24

• Anodised aluminum Weather proof enclosure IP 67

• Dome type indicator with LED light

• 2 x limit switches + additional dry contacts for open / close remote indication

• L wrench Over-ride

• Space heater

Noah SA series actuators ideally meet the torque requirements and installation and operating forces encountered in small size valves. This is another step towards Acrodyne’s goal to customize valve actuation to meet the specific needs of the Valve Automation Industry.

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